Nuclear Hell Hot Cinnamon Toothpicks

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info Nuclear Hell Cinnamon Toothpicks are super hot. We Infuse them with a large dose of Cinnamon Oil so they're packed with flavor! You get 24 Solid Birch American made toothpicks in each pocket size package. No other Cinnamon Toothpicks can compare to these sizzling hotties. They TASTE BETTER and LAST LONGER than any cinnamon toothpick on the market, and we back that up with a rock solid money back guarantee. These are old fashioned Cinnamon Toothpicks. So order some today and light up your lips!
Nuclear Hell Cinnamon Toothpicks
These Cinnamon Toothpicks come in clear glass vials to ensure freshness and to allow us to pack in the flavor. If you've tried others with cheaper packaging made of cardboard or tin you haven't tried a smoking hot cinnamon toothpick. Those packages don't keep the freshness in. We use high grade Natural Cinnamon Oil for great taste, and our picks are Solid American Birch because those bamboo jobs are hard on the gums, and they don't absorb cinnamon oil like ours do. Fire some up and see! Only $2.25 per package!

It's easy to order Nuclear Hell Cinnamon toothpicks. Just Click the "buy" button below and you'll be taken to our checkout at CCnow where your order will be processed securely and safely with any MAJOR CREDIT CARD or PAYPAL. Shipping is set at a flat rate of $3.25 in the USA for up to 16 packs. We pack carefully and ship fast!

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Nuclear Hell Cinnamon Toothpicks Rock Solid Guarantee